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The story follows a number of protagonists who are hiding from truths or escaping them, lying to each other in a circle of deceit. Meanwhile therapy patients offer glimpses of truth that underscore the increasing web of lies whose consequences will eventually engulf the protagonists and force them into confronting their truths. If the story has a message it is: you can't keep a lie a secret forever.


Format: HD 1:1.78
Length: 82 mins
Languages: English, German & French

Ian Dickinson • Megan Gay
Benno Lehmann • Stefan Lochau
Meral Perin • Kotti Yun
and Tessa Mittelstaedt

Sound Recordist • Stefan Gollhardt
Music Composer • Jakob Ilja
Editors • Sam Lowry & Archibald Tuttle
Director of Photography • Martin Parry
Associate Producers • Martin Berghammer
Bernd Bettels • Ian Dickinson • Simon Maddocks
Christian Messer • Valerie Wilkins
Executive Producer • Hermann Rosing
Producers • Martin Parry & Alex Ross
Writer & Director • Alex Ross
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